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Yearbook Cover Art 20-21 Contest Results

Judged by 24 ROE Artistic Faculty, Staff, and Kindergarteners

1st place: Sailee Kalatrakkal (McLaughlin) - Score: 114

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2nd place: Swathi Saravanan (Mohammad) - Score: 102

3rd place: Morgan Riley Vu (Mohammad) - Score: 96

4th place: Nikolas Angelis (McLaughlin) - Score: 92

5th place: Caroline Hull (Mohammad) - Score: 89

6th place: Arin Kumar (McLaughlin) - Score: 87

7th place: Viana Elliyoun (McQueen) - Score: 84

8th place: Elise Park (McQueen) - Score: 79

9th place: Maksym Rajszewski (Purcell) - Score: 71

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