ROE Yearbook 21-22

There’s no school year like your school year.

Your yearbook celebrates a year full of friends, events and shared experiences.

It’s a place where your friends can jot down shared memories, too.

Pre-order one today; have memories on hand for a lifetime!

Here are some common questions from parents. If yours are not answered here, please feel free to reach out to yearbook advisors and PTO president at !

Q: Have I purchased a copy of yearbook this year?

There are a few ways to self-check. Two easy ones are:

  • Look up your purchase history by logging onto your Jostens account

  • Search receipts in your email.

Q: Will the price of yearbook stay the same before June?

Yearbook prices will increase gradually online. Here is the schedule:

A limited number of yearbooks for sale on-site in the Spring of 2022: Price TBD

Q: Any other important dates?

  • Sunday, 10/31/2021 Monday, 12/6/2021: Ads open to 5th graders (how to create your ad [video] [pdf])

  • Monday, 1/3/2022: Ads open campus-wide

  • Sunday, 1/16/2022: Last day to personalize your yearbook or order any accessories.

  • Thursday, 2/10/2022: Last day to purchase and complete Ads;

  • Friday, 3/11/2022: Last day to submit photos to yearbook (Pages are set one by one and submitted to Jostens in Spring. Upload yours early!) - Last week before summer break;

  • First two weeks of June, 2022: yearbook distribution

Q: Can I buy an Ad now then build later?

Jostens revised their Recognition Ads management workflow this year. All pictures and texts need to be set before committing your payment for the Ads. Plan ahead and catch the deadline in early February.

Q: How do I upload awesome pictures of my children taken from ROE activities and events?

  • Please upload them at (User ID: 416225283 ).

  • Please document each picture with kids’ name(s), grades, event/activity, and other details. Our helpers only know a handful of kids. These annotations will guide us to place your pictures onto the right page.

  • We value high-resolution pictures taken through professional cameras.

The yearbook editors will review all photos and determine final yearbook content. We cannot guarantee that all submissions will be used in the book.

Q: Can I email in my pictures?

No. Pictures are collected only through the vendor online script so they can be indexed in Jostens' image database directly.

Q: Are there more yearbooks from previous years?

You can still order 17-21 yearbooks here through PTO. By default, books are delivered to students' current classrooms. If your student remains virtual, please note to arrange a pickup.

We normally respond within hours upon receiving your order to arrange pickup. If not, please forward a copy of your receipt to yearbook advisors at to inquire status.

Yearbook samples are kept at the front office when school is in session. (Note to our alumni: Unfortunately, Jostens is unable to print any historical issues. Nor can they share ePubs.)

Q: How can I help?

Here you can get a sense of key yearbook tasks throughout each school year. You can contribute in many ways. Please let us know your interests and skills. In particular, our Photo Crew is looking for friendly and gifted people to help us capture moments here at ROE through professional photography equipment. We are also in need of editors and writers. Please contact us!

Q: What is the Jostens Yearbook+?

Yearbook+ (“yearbook plus”), an online platform that Jostens empowering students to digitally tell more of their own stories through their printed yearbook. Here is a glimpse in this video, more detailed howtos in this video, and a comprehensive guide in PDF.

This additional offering is part of printing ROE book with Jostens, there is NO additional charge for this feature.

Q: How long photos submitted to Jostens Yearbook+ will be accessible?

Jostens currently plans to maintain all photos indefinitely. Please choose your favorite photos thoughtfully.

For more questions, please contact yearbook advisors Linda, Patricia, and Zhen at .